The Venus Transit and the Lost Civilizations of Earth

Why are tribal people being systematically erased from planet Earth? Zen Gardener has some interesting answers.

The Venus Transit and the Lost Civilizations of Earth « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions.

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‘Authorities’ Steal Monsanto Resistant Bees

Beekeepers are ‘going underground’ after the Illinois Ag Dept. stole bees from renowned naturalist, Terrence Ingram. Rather than wait three weeks for a court case in which he would have a chance to prove that they were not sick, two obediant servants of the department entered his property when he was not there, and deliberately destroyed 15 years of his research.

Behind the obvious violations of his Constitutional rights is Monsanto. Ingram was researching Roundup’s effects on bees, which he’s raised for 58 years.

A certified letter from the Ag Dept.’s Apiary Inspection Supervisor, Steven D. Chard, stated:

“During a routine inspection of your honeybee colonies by … Inspectors Susan Kivikko and Eleanor Balson on October 23, 2011, the bacterial disease ‘American Foulbrood’ was detected in a number of colonies located behind your house…. Presence of the disease in some of your colonies was confirmed via test results from the USDA Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland that analyzed samples collected from your apiary….”

Ingram can prove his bees did not have foulbrood, and planned to do so at a hearing set in April, but the state seized his bees at the end of March. They have not returned them and no one at the Ag Dept. seems to know where his bees are.

The bees could have been destroyed, or they could have been turned over to Monsanto to ascertain why some of his bees are resistant to Roundup. Without the bees as evidence, Ingram simply cannot defend against the phony charges of foulbrood.

Worse, all his queens from the hives they didn’t steal have mysteriously died after Kivikko and Balson “inspected” his property.

For the past 15 years, Ingram has been conducting research on the effects of Round-Up on honeybees. He feels he had accumulated the necessary data to document the fact that Round-Up was not only the cause of his bees dying, but also possibly the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). This all fits in with other recent Monsanto actions, for example, Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in bee colony collapse .

Much more about this incident and Ingram’s research, including a video interview with him, at Prairie Advocate News.

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Earths most threatened tribe – Survival International

drawing of the worldly posessions of a nomadic hunterSurvival International have produced a really good set of articles about the  Awá in the Amazon. They give a good insight into a different way of living, as well as ways to help ensure it is not wiped from the face of the earth. Well worth a look.

Earths most threatened tribe – Survival International.

Outrage as ‘Freakshow TV’ brands Amazon tribe child murderers

Paul Raffaele said a Suruwaha girl refused to shake his hand because she wanted to kill him. In fact, he was wearing so much sun cream the Suruwaha thought he had a skin disease.
Paul Raffaele said a Suruwaha girl refused to shake his hand because she wanted to kill him. In fact, he was wearing so much sun cream the Suruwaha thought he had a skin disease.
© Channel 7

An Australian TV report which branded an Amazon tribe as child murderers; a ‘suicide cult’ from the ‘Stone Age’; and the ‘worst human rights violators in the world’ has become the first target of a new Survival campaign against the racist depiction of tribal people on TV.

The ‘Freakshow TV’ campaign aims to challenge the depiction of tribal people on TV as primitive, backward savages.

Outrage at ‘Freakshow TV’ as reporter brands Amazon tribe child murderers – Survival International.

Strangled by Bureaucracy

CEO holding up a hoop for his employee / client / vendor to jump throughThe articles posted (or linked to from) here seem diverse and unrelated, but they are all illustrative of a set of circumstances which must be considered in any plan for a ‘solution’.

In an article entitled “It’s no wonder so many firms end up on the scrapheap” we can see a connection between some of those problems, and how the chosen solution only solves one at the expense of others. Continue reading “Strangled by Bureaucracy”

Film: Stranger in the Forest

A new short film by Survival International, what follows first contact for Amazon tribes?

Also New photos obtained by Survival International show uncontacted Indians in never-seen-before detail. The pictures, taken by Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department, reveal a thriving, healthy community with baskets full of manioc and papaya fresh from their gardens.

US timber demand threatens uncontacted Peruvian tribe

Photo of Murunahua man
Recently-contacted Murunahua man, south-east Peru

Illegal mahogany loggers are plundering uncontacted Indians’ land in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, according to a new report by the Upper Amazon Conservancy (UAC).

The report says the logging ‘provides evidence that Peru is failing to uphold the environmental and forestry obligations of its 2009

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US’ because ‘more than 80% of Peru’s mahogany (is) exported to the United States’. UAC’s report has been released just a month after the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton travelled to Peru to meet President Alan Garcia and claimed, ‘The United States and Peru are working together to protect the environment.’

via US timber demand threatens uncontacted Peruvian tribe – Survival International.

Bankers Dam Scam in Ethiopia

As if the bankers hadn’t stolen enough money in the so-called bailouts. The record bonuses they gave themselves while pensioners and the poorest part of society had to take cuts in income or pay more tax to pay them were obviously not enough. Now the parasites have Ehtiopia in their sights for yet another ‘development’ scam.

Africa Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, and the World Bank are among the ‘potential funders’ for this project, along with the Italian government whose company Salini Costruttori, has been contracted to build the dam. This in spite of the fact that the previous dam they built in the area partially collapsed after 10 days. What a bunch of bankers!

In a place where people are already dying of hunger, the dam will cause even more by stopping the regular floods of the Omo River, which deposits fertile silt on the river banks. And just to make sure, government plans to lease huge tracts of tribal land in the Omo Valley to foreign companies and governments for large-scale production of crops*, including biofuels, which will be fed by water from the dam. Doubtless this is the only way they will get any money off the parasite bankers.

This all shows what you get when you involve corporations and banks in your development projects. It’s stupid to expect anything else really. You can let them know what you think (as if they give a sh*t).

*Just in case you’re imagining that crops would be a good thing where people are starving, don’t bank on it! In the year that Live aid happened, when loads of rich westerners had a big party to “help the poor starving ethiopians”, there were 30 MILLION HEAD OF CATTLE in Ethiopia. But they were destined for export. And if that isn’t enough, here’s a little gem from a Barclays Bank report on “Prospects for Investment in Ethiopia” (Oct.1985)

“The chief cash crop is coffee, grown on the plateaux in the South West, providing around 60% of the country’s total export earnings. Output in the 1984/85 {famine year} harvest is expected to be some 20% down on the previous season at 160,000 TONNES . Additionally, transport difficulties arising from the diversion of vehicles for drought relief are hindering exports