Inside Bougainville – New Documentary by Clive Porabou

[ed: Clive’s community on Bougainville will soon be a Direct Sponsor project, and our priority is to sort out their internet problems so that they can communicate with the world better]

‘Inside Bougainville’ is a new film by local filmmaker Clive Porabou founder of Eel films. It follows on from his previous films bringing voices and culture from Bougainville to the world intertwined with the ongoing issues of mining and independence with reconciliation and custom. The objective of this funding campaign is to support Eel films toward finishing and touring the film.

During the 1990’s a terrible conflict ensued on the magnificent Island of Bougainville sparked by environmental damage caused by Rio Tinto’s massive gold and copper mine. Up to 20,000 people where killed because Rio Tinto with support from the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments attempted to force the reopening of Panguna mine after it was shut down by Bougainvillean’s. Today the mine remains closed but Rio Tinto has tried to wipe the blood off its hands by giving away its majority shares in Bougainville Copper to the PNG government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG). Bougainville is striving for Independence from PNG, seeking ways to support its economy and government that doesn’t rely on neo-colonial large -scale foreign-profit driven mining that caused so much bloodshed.

This project is raising much needed funds for Eel films – founded and directed by well known Bougainvillean fimaker; Clive Porabou. Clive fought for his Island, now he shoots with a camera and microphone, recording his people’s issues and bringing their messages to the world. Running on little funding and raw passion for self-taught filmmaking, Clive gets support from his Wontoks (extended family) who regularly buy his DVD’s and music video’s, combined with the generosity of friends and supporters from around the world. He wishes to finish, produce and tour his 4th documentary; Inside Bougainville. This production brings unique people and culture to the screen reiterating history from archives combined with a truly Bougainvillean narrative revealing current affairs in Bougainville only possible from the inside.

Eel Films has produced the following films made available for you to get an idea of what’s involved;

1) The Panguna Mine Dilemma -2008

2) Saving Our Land – 2011 [Trailer]

3) Bougainville After the War -2012 – Pt 1 & 2

4) Inside Bougainville-2016 [Trailer] Full film forthcoming with your contribution…

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Myself; Daniel Jones from Sydney is managing this funding project due to internet access being limited and expensive on Bougainville where Clive works from his village studio in the hills of Arawa. A long time friend of Clive’s, I (together with amazingly generous contributions from people like you!) successfully delivered a project providing Eel films with solar power for the studio in 2012 .

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