Eritrea: The Threat of a Good Example

photo of Isaias Afwerki“Fifty years, and billions of dollars in post-colonial international aid have doe little to lift Africa from chronic poverty. African societies are crippled societies. You can’t keep these people living on handouts, because that doesn’t change their lives.”

– Eritrea’s President explaining to the World Bank why he was rejecting their $200M aid package.

The video below is an excerpt from a speech delivered by geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser of at the 2015 Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice Conference  on August 22 this year.

photo of Eric Draitser“Eritrea said: our national development is in our own hands, and no-one else’s. And because they said that, they put a target on their back—because the took away one of the most potent weapons that the imperial system has for controlling nations, and that is aid”

 – Eric Draitser

If you’re unfamiliar with the background of events in Eritrea, see this post from last January.

Draitser explains Eritrea’s decision to pursue their own development agenda by standing up to the “aid” agencies and refusing to obey the dictates of the global non-profit industrial complex. He talks about how this defiance, and the successes the Eritreans are having “presents a dangerous good example”.


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