Indigenous People Reject Globalist Plots at Rio+20

The globalsit bankers and the gullible greens they have managed to con are busy implementing a carbon credit scam whereby they will further their world domination plans. Indigenous people have been subject to enough colonialism to see see it for what it is in any disguise, and are speaking out against it.  For more aobut REDD+ see

NO REDD+! in RIO+20 – A Declaration to Decolonize the Earth and the Sky

Global Alliance of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities on Climate Change against REDD+

After more than 500 years of resistance, we, Indigenous Peoples, local communities, peasant farmers, fisherfolk and civil society are not fooled by the so-called Green Economy and REDD+ because we know colonialism when we see it. Regardless of its cynical disguises and shameful lies, colonialism always results in the rape and pillaging of Mother Earth, and the slavery, death, destruction and genocide of her peoples.[1] Rio+20’s Green Economy and REDD+ constitute a thinly-veiled, wicked, colonialist planet grab[2] that we oppose, denounce and resist. Rio+20 is not an Earth Summit, it is the WTO of Life.
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The Missionary Position: NGOs And Development In Africa

“In this paper we trace the evolution of the role of NGOs in Africa. We suggest that their role in ‘development’ represents a continuity of the work of their precursors, the missionaries and voluntary organisations that cooperated in Europe’s colonization and control of Africa. Today their work contributes marginally to the relief of poverty, but significantly to undermining the struggle of African people to emancipate themselves from economic, social and political oppression. NGOs could, and some do, play a role in supporting an emancipatory agenda in Africa, but that would involve them disengaging from their paternalistic role in development.”

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The Venus Transit and the Lost Civilizations of Earth

Why are tribal people being systematically erased from planet Earth? Zen Gardener has some interesting answers.

The Venus Transit and the Lost Civilizations of Earth « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions.

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