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There are good people woring for and with the UN, but it is run and controlled totally by psychopathic warmongers. Those of us who want to improve things in this world can easily be led into wasting an awful lot of our time and effort working ‘with’ these mentally deficient individuals. Better to set up our own systems that are designed to do what we want to do, rather than banging our heads against the wall of lies they present.

In the United Nations, five countries called the Permanent Members of the Security Council can veto a United Nations Security Council resolution. These five are the USA, the UK, France, Russia USSR before 1990, and China Taiwan before 1971.This is a list of these resolutions vetoed by the USA as well as resolutions in the General Assembly of the United Nations where the USA vote is against the majority of the world. The USA used its veto over 70 times during the 20th century. On the majority of occasions, the USA vetoed resolutions that were favoured by the majority of the world’s nations.

(Russia has used their veto TWICE)

Year and Resolution. All these resolutions were vetoed (blocked/rejected) by the United States:

via How USA used their Veto at the United Nations UN: 1972–2011 « awakencrowd.

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