More on Kony 2012 and Invisible Children Scam

Human Rights Watch (HRW) during the height of the Kony 2012 hysteria, dusted off one of its old propaganda videos titled, “Joseph Kony – LRA” uploaded on November of 2010, to try and capitalize on the attention Invisible Children raised earlier this month. However, the Kony 2012 campaign imploded just as fast, and perhaps even more spectacularly than it rose – with vast numbers of people pointing out the untenable narrative it attempted to peddle and the fact that it served as nothing more than a pretext for an expanded US AFRICOM presence in Africa.

Much more including extensive background and videos on the link here: Human Rights Watch jump on sinking KONY 2012 ship

And here is a well-referenced article giving some wider reasons why this is happening now, as well as some detail on how secretive the Invisible Children Org is. There is some info aobut what they waste donors’ money on too.

article saved here as well: Kony AFRICOM China and Great Rift Belt riches | OneWorldScam

Update, Kony 2012 part 2 – more about a second movie, where comments and other feedback have been disabled. Also more background on what is behind all this.

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