Gates Foundation Pushes Yet Another Experimental Vaccine

The Gates Foundation is once again pushing a new and experimental vaccine on the children of the poor. This time it’s a malaria vaccine.

Bear in Mind that the Gates Foundation funds an organization called Planned Parenthood, which was originally called the Eugenics Society, but changed its name after the Nazis made eugenics unpopular. Gates’ father was chairman of that org, and its founder, Margaret Sanger once said that blacks, immigrants and indigents were “human weeds”.

The mainstream media is abuzz with excitement over GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) latest offering, a malaria trial vaccine that the company claims can cut the risk of clinical and severe malaria in children by 56 percent and 47 percent, respectively. But what GSK and the media are failing to report are the deadly side effects that may accompany the vaccine.

Unveiled at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s recent Malaria Forum conference in Seattle, Wash., the results of the Phase III African study on the malaria vaccine, known as RTS,S, suggest that children who receive three doses of it can derive additional protection against malaria when used in conjunction with other disease control methods. But the findings also show that vaccinated children are at a high risk of serious injury or death as well.

A report by EarthTimes explains that the full gamut of long term side effects associated with RTS,S will not be known until at least the end of 2014. It also states that “serious adverse events (very serious side effects) for [RTS,S] are around the same level as in those who were given a control drug” (…). But what exactly was the control drug, and what are these “same level” side effects?

More to the point, when did it become acceptable science to abandon the idea of a control sample being given a placebo? This control drug eliminates any meaningful comparison.

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