Gates Foundation Partner in Malawi Vaccinates 131 Children At Gunpoint

(human rights? hahaha!)

Lois Rain, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The Gates Foundation has long been in an aggressive effort to vaccinate the world and often targets poor Africans. The Gates’ web site showcases Melinda Gates applauding Malawi for enforcing vaccine programs with its helpful “health surveillance assistants.” She calls Malawi one of the few countries “on track to reach the UN Millennium Development Goal.” And who are those assistants meeting the goal? Hyper-vigilant medics with help from police.

Bill Gates calls the vaccine-autism link “an absolute lie” and in a February CNN interview said, “the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts – you know, they, they kill children.” But as we can see from the recent actions from governments who partner with his foundation to forcefully implement vaccine programs, it could very well be the other way around.
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