Red Cross – Aid Not Reaching Japan

Japan’s Red Cross has collected more than $1 billion in the first three weeks after the massive earthquake and tsunami but has yet to distribute any funds directly to victims, prompting Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano to urge Sunday that the process be accelerated. (more in the original article on

The Red Cross is supposed to be an emergency service. Perhaps, instead of urging the people who are obviously so criminally inept to ‘get their shit together) as people die in droves, we should be looking for alternative ways to make sure our money goes where it should.

A good start would be to find or create agents (that’s all they are, agents for us) we can check on, to make sure they are not wasting our money. If I send 20 dollars to the Red Cross, I have no way of tracking my money, or seeing what it was spent on and when. In such a situation there is no deterrent to ineptness or deception.

For a good background on previous Red Cross scandals, see

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