Who is most in need of Aid?

This is old, and thus not really news, but it does illustrate (caricature?) the attitude of a lot of westerners toward Africa and the South. I don’t know who this is, she’s some kind of celebrity. She was asked ‘Why can’t the majority of Americans find Iraq on a map?”.

The radio host discussing the clip makes a very good point at the end.
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WWF hopes to find $60 billion growing on trees

The carbon credits scheme would make WWF and its partners much richer, but with no lowering of overall CO2 emissions, writes Christopher Booker in The Telegraph.

For some background which will help this article make sense, see World Wide Fraud. And then do your own research, look into the backgrounds of the people involved, and make your own mind up!

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Article saved: WWF hopes to find $60 billion growing on trees – Telegraph