‘Wi-fi networks must be removed from schools’ teachers insist

Wireless ‘wi-fi’ technology should be removed from schools to prevent millions of children suffering a heightened risk of cancer and sterility, teachers have demanded. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers called for classroom wireless networks to be suspended immediately until research has properly considered the threat to health.

Members said they were concerned by scientific reports linking wi-fi with impaired concentration, loss of short-term memory, chromosome damage and increased incidence of cancer.

Bigoted Hack Posing as Analyist in Irish Media

A few days ago, an article was published in the Irish Independent, which can be prety much summed up by part of the last paragraph:

“Ethiopia was rescued by outsiders from its self-made famine 25 years ago, and it then rewarded this kindness by promptly doubling its population, but without doubling its own food supply or its economic base. This is stupidity on an epic scale, for which only Ethiopia is answerable.”

Although it deals with a valid question; why is Ethiopia in crisis again, that’s about as far as validity goes, journalistically. Basically it’s the kind of ignorant rant you might hear from a drunken builder in a bar. There’s a reason why people talk about different things when they are drunk, it’s because when they’re sober they mostly realize how stupid and ignorant their spoutings sound, when talking about things they know nothing about. Alcohol seems to release that part of the brain that prevents us from going down that road. Kevin Myers may well have been drunk when he wrote this article.

His first misconception is that the famine of 25 years ago was caused by the people of ethiopia themselves. His second is that the outside world bailed them out. The rest of the article is predicated upon those pretexts, and thus is entirely worthless.

In the year that Live aid happened, when loads of rich westerners magnanimously had a big party to “help the poor starving Ethiopians”, there were 30 MILLION HEAD OF CATTLE in Ethiopia. But they were destined for export.

If that isn’t enough, here’s a little gem from a Barclays Bank report on “Prospects for
Investment in Ethiopia” (Oct.1985)

“The chief cash crop is coffee, grown on the plateaux in the South West, providing around 60% of the country’s total export earnings. Output in the 1984/85 {famine year} harvest is expected to be some 20% down on the previous season at _160,000 TONNES_ . Additionally, transport difficulties arising from the diversion of vehicles for drought relief are hindering exports”

Estimates of between 5 and 7 million victims make a lie of the assertion that the west bailed them out. At least in the way implied by the author of the piece.

One might think that a people who have had famine in their own not-too-distant past might spawn more considerate offspring. Myers is probably a blow-in though.

Here is a link to the article. It’s just one of many appearing in the mainstream media now, basically advocating eugenics. Eugenics was popular up until world war II, after which it went underground. For example the Eugenics Society changed its name to Planned Parenthood.