Rich Countries Launch Land Grab to Safeguard Food Supply

As if poor farmers and hunter-gatherer tribes didn’t have enough land problems already! Now rich corporations are buying huge swathes of land in Africa and elsewhere. This week, the South Korean firm Daewoo Logistics announced plans to buy a 99-year lease on a million hectares in Madagascar.

This trend cannot avoid the consequence of increased pressure for everyone else, and to extend farming into the territories of the few hunting and gathering peoples still left on this planet. Continue reading “Rich Countries Launch Land Grab to Safeguard Food Supply”

Seed Savers News

Until recently, tribal people in remote areas were largely unaffected by the depredations of agribusiness. This is changing and Seed Savers organization could be a good way for people to keep up with the latest developments and work with others to protect themselves. The following article has some background on the problems and some good links for further study. Continue reading “Seed Savers News”