APC Report: Mobiles no Replacement for Real Internet

This is from the Association for Progressive Communications, which we will join as soon as we have charitable status! Some areas that would benefit from our services are more difficult to fundraise for if they already have mobile phone coverage. The following goes some way to countering that trend.

Mobile phone towers dominate the landscape of many countries where decent internet access still remains a dream. The Economist is telling us that mobile is all that matters now and many donors have succumbed to this vision, retreating en-masse from rural information and communication technology development. The author of a new report commissioned by APC concludes that “This has left the development of ICTs in the hands of large, highly-centralised telecoms.” This edition, APCNews looks at the rationale behind getting internet into rural areas via wireless and not leaving it all to mobile, and reports back on real-life community efforts that have been taking internet access to parts of Latin America ignored by large companies. We also cover a tiny new hand-held computer that runs for hours and hours and hours… Continue reading “APC Report: Mobiles no Replacement for Real Internet”

Iraq Farmers Forced to use “Registered Seeds”

One would think that Iraqi farmers, now prospering under “freedom” and “democracy,” would be able to plant the seeds of their choosing, but that choice, under little-known Order 81, would be illegal.

But first, it is important to set the context. Most people have never heard of the infamous “100 Orders,” but they help explain why the majority of Iraqis remain opposed to foreign occupation. The 100 Orders allow multinational corporations to basically privatize an entire nation, and this degree of foreign and private control has not been witnessed since the days of the British East India Company and its extraterritoriality treaties. Continue reading “Iraq Farmers Forced to use “Registered Seeds””

Hard Times for Afghan Nomads

A story on BBC News yesterday is another good example of how our services could benefit people living in remote areas. Hard Times for Afghan Nomads tells the story of mountain people stuck in the middle of other people’s wars many times, and now ignored by the authorities, whose priority is the population in the cities. Continue reading “Hard Times for Afghan Nomads”

Squamish Nation Serves Notice on Vancouver Churches

This morning (oct 5), groups of residential school survivors will be posting and distributing notices at all of the main downtown churches in “Vancouver”, declaring to the officials and members of the Catholic, Anglican and United churches that they are illegally trespassing on Squamish Nation land and are now subject to arrest and imprisonment under both Squamish and British Columbia law. See Hidden from History website

Indigenous Herders and Small Farmers Fight Livestock Extinction

Our non-interference with traditional culture approach is supported again by news that at least one indigenous livestock breed becomes extinct each month as a result of overreliance on select breeds imported from the United States and Europe, according to the study, “The State of the World’s Animal Genetic Resources,” conducted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Continue reading “Indigenous Herders and Small Farmers Fight Livestock Extinction”