Amazon deforestation on the rise

The Associated Press
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Amazon deforestation jumped 69 percent in the past 12 months — the first such increase in three years — as rising demand for soy and cattle pushes farmers and ranchers to raze trees, officials said Saturday. Some 3,145 square miles of forest were destroyed between August 2007 and August 2008 — a 69 percent increase over the 1,861 square miles felled in the previous 12 months, according to the National Institute for Space Research, or INPE, which monitors destruction of the Amazon. Continue reading “Amazon deforestation on the rise”

Indonesian colonel indicted for crimes against humanity

The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) and the West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT) today welcomed the removal of Colonel Burhanuddin Siagian from his command in West Papua. Siagian faces two indictments in East Timor for crimes against humanity committed in 1999. Continue reading “Indonesian colonel indicted for crimes against humanity”

PNG landowners continue to halt nickel mine construction

Angry Papua New Guinea landowners say they will continue to halt construction at a Chinese owned nickel mine until they meet with the PNG government next week. Police reinforcements have been sent to the mine site to protect Chinese employees, some of who were assaulted by locals. Continue reading “PNG landowners continue to halt nickel mine construction”

Tanzania – Charges Against Hadza Defenders Dismissed

Two human rights defenders from the Hadzabe people in Tanzania have been acquitted  by the Mbulu District Court from all charges brought against them in an attempt for revenge, because they had successfully defended the tribal homeland of their people against a corrupt deal. Continue reading “Tanzania – Charges Against Hadza Defenders Dismissed”

Setting an Important Precedent for Indigenous Lands

by: Marta Caravantes, Inter Press Service

Soldiers carry an indigenous man who was shot by armed guards protecting rice fields at the Raposa Serra do Sol reservation in Roraima state, Brazil, in May 2008. The reservation has seen decades of conflicts between indigenous residents and settlers, most of whom are large-scale rice farmers. Continue reading “Setting an Important Precedent for Indigenous Lands”